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Which ADV is Right for Me?

Updated: Apr 10

AKA Charting The Right Course

Finding The Right Fit:

Getting into the world of cigars can be an intimidating journey, but with these expert tips by your side, we’ll help you find the best ADVentura cigar for you. Below, we’ll go through four of our most popular cigars, and help you decide which one you should try first!

The Explorer:

Lighting an ADVentura Explorer

Let’s start off with a tried-and-true blend: The Explorer, the cigar that started it all. Those who are familiar with the ADVentura story may know that The Explorer was the very first cigar we launched! And it remains one of our easiest recommendations. The Explorer is designed to be a cigar that can appeal to everyone, with a medium-bodied profile showing off a perfectly balanced blend.

Smoking The Explorer, you’ll find a profile that’s very approachable. With a Mexican wrapper leaf overtop Dominican binder and filler, The Explorer delivers a slightly spicy profile with notes of nuts and leather in the background before delivering a nice, dry dark chocolate flavor.

The Explorer is a perfect cigar for those who want an introduction to the line, as well as those who typically enjoy medium to full-bodied blends, and cigars that are easy to enjoy any time of day!

Royal Return - King’s Gold:

A King's Gold in the aging room

Looking for a little more heft? Check out The Royal Return King’s Gold. The duo of regular production cigars under The Royal Return represent some of the finest tobaccos we’ve ever blended with, and the King’s Gold will appeal to those who love fuller-bodied blends.

King’s Gold features a thick and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper up top with a San Andres Mexican binder and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, the US, and Nicaragua. Inside, you’ll find tobacco aged for five years before the roll, with the cigars aged an additional six to eight months before release. The result of all of this is a rich, full-bodied experience that delivers a thick profile of earthy notes with leather, bitter espresso, and raisin-like sweetness.

The King’s Gold is a fantastic choice for those who love Broadleaf wrapped cigars, who want a full-strength blend to stand up to a pairing with whiskey or red wine, or who want a cigar they can enjoy at the end of the day without sacrificing any flavor.

Royal Return – Queen’s Pearls:

A Queen's Pearls in the aging room

On the other hand, we’ve got the Queen’s Pearls for those who are looking for a fantastic, introductory and Connecticut offering. Queen’s Pearls is the counterpart to the King’s Gold and offers an experience on the complete other side of the spectrum. New to cigars, or just want a mild cigar with full flavor? Look no further.

The Queen’s Pearls blend is the ADVentura take on the Connecticut cigar experience, looking to deliver a milder profile that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or flavor. Wrapped with a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf overtop an Ecuadorian binder and Dominican, Ecuadorian, and Nicaraguan fillers, the Queen’s Pearls also features tobaccos aged at least five years prior to the rolling process.

Lighting a Queen’s Pearls, you’ll find notes of honey and cream mixed with barnyard aromas, hay, and a slight woodsy note. It’s a cigar that pairs perfectly with light white wine or a cappuccino. For those who are looking for a great cigar with the Sunday paper, to accompany you on a golf course, or to provide a bit of a mellower experience, the Queen’s Pearls has your back.

The Navigator:

A box of ADV Navigators

Finally, we recommend the Navigator for those seasoned aficionados who are looking for something they’ve never experienced before. With tobaccos from five different countries, the Navigator is easily the most complex cigar in the ADV portfolio and is an amazing fit for those who want a lot of complexity from their cigar.

The journey of the Navigator starts with a San Andres Maduro wrapper from Mexico. Underneath you’ll find an Indonesian Sumatra binder over a blend of fillers from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.

Together, these tobaccos all combine to deliver a medium-bodied smoking experience with a bouquet of mocha, roasted nuts, and leathery spice – plus a sweet, caramel like finish that lingers.

Which ADV is Right For You?

Of course, the best teacher is always going to be experience! We stand behind the quality of all of our cigars and encourage you to find your local purveyor of fine tobaccos and jump aboard the ADVentura experience today. With our combination of Dominican passion and Swiss precision, we’re confident you’ll find a cigar you love within our line-up.

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