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For Henderson, being a boutique brand is all about the ability to secure more rare and smaller quantity tobaccos that mainstream brands would never dream of having. “Blend wise, it give us creative freedom, and competitive edge.”

For Marcel, maintaining brand awareness with visual consistency is key. While he and
Henderson create and refine blends together, Marcel continues developing chapters of the
ADV story with each new launch, to keep the smoker engaged and excited with all the senses.

ADVentura retells the story of the origin of tobacco from the old world to new and back again with, The Explorer, The Navigator, The Conqueror, The Royal Return, and now the chapters turn a bit darker and more aggressive with the NEW Barbarroja’s Invasion.
If there’s one thing we can say about ADV, “We’re Here to Stay.”

About us

ADVentura Cigars is a cooperation between Henderson Ventura of Tabacalera William Ventura in Dominican Republic and Marcel Knobel, of Switzerland. Henderson is considered the youngest master-blender in the industry and responsible for the blends of some the most well-known brands on the market today. Marcel is a cigar retailer, tobacconist, and certified wine sommelier with a background in marketing. Together, the goal is to personify Dominican Passion and Swiss Precision with ADVentura Cigars.

ADVentura Cigars - Who we are!

ADVentura Cigars - Who we are!

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